Outside My Window

Outside my window, I see them walking. They’re taking big strides; Announcing their brutal Entry. Dressed up in nationalist Pride with bodies so full And hearts so Empty. Refurbishing ragged edges Made jagged,… Continue reading


I’ve convinced myself you’re just another phase Like my many passing phases. But I am clueless as to whether I should call you a breeze or a haze Since you’re clouding my head,… Continue reading

Other Names

On good days, he pretended that the wrinkles on her lips were cracks on a pavement, he’d walk miles in with his tongue. Soothing saliva-soaked syllables, sentencing them for life inside her mouth.… Continue reading


She said, -Black is my favourite colour. I said, -Black is not a colour, but the absence of colour. White is the presence of all colours. You find it easy to abhor your… Continue reading


Sometimes, I wish you were distant so that I can write in the memory of you. I am claustrophobic in your arrival and find space in your departure. The margins of these papers… Continue reading

My Soliloquy With Him

Her: To poems left untitled. To songs, to letters. To soliloquies and monologues. To the times they told you, “It will all get better.” To the smell of rain, petrol and cigarette clouds… Continue reading

The Moon & The Tides

Dearest both of you, I am sorry. You’re not a mistake. But rather, a more ferocious crime; An epitome of not just give and take But instead, of ‘give…give and give’. And all the… Continue reading

Happy 3rd Month!

10: 23 P.M I know I’ve been posting quite a lot of pieces lately, as promised last month! But I don’t know, it feels quite a long time since I spoke to you… Continue reading

Recurring Decimals

He says, “I am tired.” “I am tired from all these poems…they’re all the same.” “But you praise them.” I reply “Don’t get me wrong they’re powerful.” He says, “But I find the… Continue reading

Almost There

Almost silence. Floating voices. Diluted background noises… Background noises… Noises… Stolen choices. Almost there But-not-quite Rape. No escape. A yellow sign, A black triangle, A typed note: No escape. Almost there, But-not-quite Rape.… Continue reading

Target Captured

131,235 Kill. 220, 000 Killed. 22.85m killing. Kill. Killed. Killing. Windmills spinning. Waterfalls spilling Blood. Flood. Flooded. Flooding. Stepping, tripping. Scudding bullets. Dogging bullets Thudding bullets. Target captured. Prodding Survival instincts. Prodding Defence mechanisms.… Continue reading

Sandstorms & Sweet Nothings pt. 3

Click here for Pt. 1 Click here for Pt. 2 My home village, State of White Nile. 3rd August 2014, 9 P.M “yeah…a mistake at first sight.” I felt my heart flutter slightly at the… Continue reading

Sandstorms & Sweet Nothings pt. 2

Click here to read Part 1 My home village, State of White Nile. 3rd August 2014, 9 P.M “Well, I can confirm it myself; it’s mere rumours.” As soon as the coffee was… Continue reading

Sandstorms & Sweet Nothings pt.1

Some village, State of White Nile. 3rd August 2014, 9 P.M The funny thing is…My friend has quite a few brothers. But we knew exactly, which one we had in mind. Like usual,… Continue reading


11:52 P.M You see this staircase. Which direction are you walking? I really shouldn’t be writing this right now. I really shouldn’t be writing this, right? I really shouldn’t be writing this. I… Continue reading

Happy 2nd Month Blog!

9:01 P.M It’s been a long time since I last talked to you. Generall talked. You’re a good child; you’ve broke records of stats in such a short time. Don’t get me wrong,… Continue reading


Image Source: http://www.wall321.com You are the thoughts I hold back When asked about love, Because I know I’ll be left breathless In a never-ending asthma attack. You have polluted my lungs When I’ve left… Continue reading

Illiterate Love

Teach me how to love you through words and ink for I’ve forgotten how to inscribe my own name. Teach me, because the word of love is so powerful And my feelings are… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Blog!

9:03 A.M So it’s been a month since the birth of these collection of words I call blog. I don’t know why but the number 7 has so much significance to me. I… Continue reading


23:36 You know what I would really love, guys? (No, not an unlimited supply of Haagen Dazs Salted Caramel but that would be great, thank you) I would really love to find a… Continue reading

Quote Of The Day #3

“I don’t decide to represent anything except myself. But that self is full of collective memory.” – Mahmoud Darwish


I am angry. I am in rage at the country which never provided me with enough reasons to stay. I hate its soil and it’s so called ‘Nile’ that intoxicated the bodies of… Continue reading

World’s Weirdest Job Titles

1:47 A.M I want to be an article-heading producer. No, actually…engineer (That sounds better). Because let’s be honest here, the titles I come up with for these posts are preeeetty brilliant. My narcissistic… Continue reading

Rise Of The Planet of Rude Receptionists

Image Source: http://lovechicliving.co.uk/design-divas-abi-and-helen-from-rude-limited/ I’ve been always taught not to make judgements based on inaccurate assumptions and not generalise people. But can I mention that…never have I ever had good experience with a healthcare centre/clinic… Continue reading

The Not-So-Sweet Chilli Sauce

23:49 P.M Can one be allergic to chilli? What about McDonald’s sweet chilli sauce? I literally have the worst tolerance for spiciness but sweet chili on a moderate level, I can handle. On tuesday,… Continue reading

Don’t Praise Her Eyes

“Fish face” is what they called her And “giraffe” was chanted too. “Pig nose” was spouted out like dirt – Perfect for the adjective. She was not the gullible type, So off course,… Continue reading

All The Better To Spot You With

So In the Christmas holidays, I magically grew a small beauty spot in the centre of my nose. Yes, *News flash* you don’t have to be born with them. Apparently, they can just… Continue reading

It’s A New Dawn

19:38 P.M There has only been two instances where I’ve witnessed by father Cry. The death of his mother in front of his eyes and today, the birth of a new muslim; a… Continue reading

Quote Of The Day #2

Coins always make sounds…but paper moneys are alway silent. So, when your value increases, keep yourself silent and humble.” – Unknown

Empty Spaces

Do I write of him, her, them or myself? Can I possibly rummage, touch and reopen The dusty past I’ve left on my shelf? I’ve wondered many times And I’ve tried many more,… Continue reading

Do Not Seek Happiness

Image Source: http://www.elitedaily.com They say there’s a dark side to the moon, I say there’s a dark side to happiness as well…it’s a scary feeling, if anything. Why? Because as humans we cling… Continue reading

Quote Of The Day #1

“Forgetfulness is a type of freedom. ” – Jabran Khalil Jabran

It Was The Orchid Flower

“Do you remember… When we sat in a deserted field of poppy -” “…and orchid”. you finish off with a confident smile. “When we walked for miles and miles…” “Only three.” a slight… Continue reading

This Is Not Sweet Poetry II

I know. It should not be left undealt with, this….roaring, burning fire inside me. And all the raging flames of my desire to destroy. Leaving nothing but remains of stone. And all else,… Continue reading

His Bride

“It’s been long.” you casually say A suitcase in one hand, a child in the other And to my dismay…a bride. A bride like no other. Surfaces were reflecting light of her face.… Continue reading

This Is Not Sweet Poetry

A long trail of thoughts tickle the back of my skull…I dwell to let them pass any further than that. A fusion of thoughts; both jubilant and dull. I would rather let them… Continue reading

I am That Dandelion

You see a dandelion And you yank it out from where it belongs. Simply, because it looks ‘pretty’ and because you’re free willed. And like a small child, You are thrilled when you… Continue reading

Look At Me

How is it that you can scold me with affirmative tenderness, But glancing at me You won’t dare? How is it that you can invade my mind and caress my thoughts Without leaving… Continue reading

Only When It Rains

Only when it rains, Do I clutch my blanket tight As I wrap my arms around my knees And hug myself with all my might. Only when it rains, Do the moments flood… Continue reading


For what I’ve shielded so long, You ask me to put my weapons down And not take guard whilst you stand around? My pride cannot be shaken. It’s cannot be moved. Not until… Continue reading